Suitable Bait Stations for Termite Baits

One of the biggest challenges in baiting is getting termites to find the baits in the first place. The timetable for discovery will vary from property to property,Guest Posting depending on such factors as termite foraging intensity, time of year, moisture, and food availability.

Unlike most conventional insecticides, the impact Pest control near me of termite baits is not immediate. By design, the baits contain chemicals that may take several days, weeks, or even months to kill individual termites depending upon the age of the termite and the type of chemical in the bait. This delayed effect is important. You want the termites to carry the bait back to the colony and feed it to other termites within the nest. As a result, it may take several months before the entire colony is substantially reduced. The time of year will also affect how quickly termite activity is eliminated. The key to a successful termite baiting program is proper monitoring and maintenance of the stations. Make sure you understand the monitoring/inspection schedule followed by the company and that you receive regular updates after every inspection, which may occur monthly or quarterly.

Baiting during late-fall and winter is generally less fruitful. Termites may be found in below ground stations at sub-freezing temperatures, but their feeding activity and effects of the bait are greatly reduced. At times of the year when the ground is frozen, snow covered , or saturated, inspection of bait stations can often be curtailed until conditions once again become favorable for termite foraging and feeding.

The more bait stations installed, the better the chances of locating termites. Installing more stations increases the odds of encountering multiple colonies, or weakly associated “satellite nests” of the same colony — any of which could be of potential risk to the structure. Planning, patience and persistence are requisites for successfully using below-ground termite baits. Regardless of which product is used, the homeowner must be prepared and willing to accept the possibility of a lengthy baiting process.