Metal Art Clocks and Metal Art Overview

The famous English poet,Guest Posting Andrew Marvell once wrote – “At my back I always hear; Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.” The image is clear – time is movement and motion. Nothing can be truer than the old adage that time does not stand still. And clocks are the representation of time.


Every home and office has clocks in it because of the human urge to know the time. But clocks do not have to be merely functional instruments. They can be works of art, as in the case of metal art clocks. Art clocks have always been around – from the Cuckoo clock to the Grandfather clock to avant garde and art deco designs. But they always looked like clocks with a traditional dial and hands design. Metal art clocks are much more – they are really pieces of kinetic art. They are sculptures that move and have a functional purpose. A metal art clock can be a true work of art.


A basic metal art clock can be a normal clock with an artistic body. It can be as simple as a clock with a wrought iron frame. Or it can be a large piece of intricate metal design with a clock face integrated in it. That has, until recently, been the concept of metal clock art.


Today, sculptors have taken over. Artists are creating clock that are free standing works of art with an incredible array of shapes and designs. These clocks look nothing like the traditional concept of a timepiece. But they do tell time. They challenge you to understand them and be able to read them. As with all art, the aim is not just to create a pleasing shape or image, but to make you think. When to process of telling time becomes more than a mechanical action, ones’ appreciation of time changes.


Just as a three dimensional (3D) clocks adds another dimension to metal wall art the science of telling time, sculpted metal art clocks add another dimension to its art.


Metal art clocks are available in various designs – wall mounted, free standing sculptures and even outdoor ones for use in a garden. What makes the metal art clock stand out from other types of art clocks in the uniqueness of the designs – you may not know you are looking at a clock until you are told it is one. It may look like no clock you have ever seen and unless there is a “seconds” hand on it, there will be no perceptible movement. But a metal art clock is a time piece and will serve its main function of telling you the time.